Monday, March 16, 2009


We made it. Crossed the border last night without incident, except perhaps for our first encounter with a pay-toilet. Cassie wondered, "Isn't that a violation of our rights?" :-)

We traveled to El Castillo (The Castle), the home of Baja Bible School, met the staff, and moved into our rooms. First stop: a taco stand. Now, for those who've never been, and can't understand why anyone would be excited by tacos, let me explain. Tacos in Mexico are SO MUCH better than anything you've had in the states. Disabuse yourself of the bastardized "food" you've had at Taco Bell. Think fresh cilantro, freshly grilled asasa beef, fresh guacamole, fresh everything. And cheap. 3 tacos and a Manzana del Sol (apple soda - yum!) set a guy back 49 pesos ($3.50). Exchange rate is ~14 pesos per USD. Here's a picture of our culinary nirvana.

We headed back for orientation, met another group that's here (from Arkansas), enjoyed some traditional Mexican sweet bread and beverages, and finished up the night playing a (surprisingly fun) variant on charades.

This AM we got up early. Too early. Mexico hasn't started daylight savings yet, and our clocks were on US time. Good time to be quiet, read, enjoy the sun, and eat breakfast. Here's our view. Next up: worship and then Eddie Passmore (director of another ministry here in TJ) will speak to us from the word. Thanks for your prayers. Pray that our group, the staff, and the others who are here get to know each other and serve together.

-- Post From The Road


  1. WOO!!! HOO!!! I figured out how to leave a comment!!! You all should be so proud.~
    ~ NanaKate ~
    p.s. I found a website to buy that bird clock,
    wonder if I can have it up in Cassie's room before she returns.(hehe)

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your trip, it is so incredible to get a glimpse into something that I am not able to participate in. Praying for you and the natives.

  3. Brother I love you and am so wishing I was there. Amor a mi chica Heidi

  4. Wow, do I miss Mexico....we'll keep praying for all of you and thanks for allowing us a view in :)