Sunday, March 15, 2009

Annoying bird clock!

So this one is for nana... Last night as us girls where settling down for bed we notice there was a bird clock. Annie mentioned having one before and that it used to make different bird noises on every hour, all of us where hoping this was not one of those! So as we where all starting to drift off to sleep we heard the chirping... We all sat up and decided that we where not waking up every hour to birds. Tish and Annie got up while I held the flash light on the ridiculous clock, they got it down and took the batteries out. Don't worry we remembered to put them back in and set it this morning and before leaving heard the chirping one last time. I'm pretty sure if Nana had been here she would have tried to smuggle it outta there in her bag LOL!

P.S. Nana please never buy one of those clocks or I will have to throw it into the pond outside the house!

Love ya all
Cassie K

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1 comment:

  1. I have recieved 3 phone calls about that clock!
    I just might have to have one now....maybe my birthday?