Sunday, March 15, 2009


So we're crossing the Grapevine, hoping to make church at either Church of the Open Door, or CC Costa Mesa. So far a great trip. Easy group to travel with - no complaining (Phil 2:14-15) - and we're making great time.

Last night we stayed at CC Merced. They were so hospitable, noteworthy since they were letting us use the facility the night before Sunday service. Great example of Heb 13:1-2. A big thank you to Pastor Tom and the folks there - we we're blessed!

We missed having a guitar player for devos last night. We did some accapella worship from Psalms - definitely a joyful noise! ;-) Then we looked at Joshua 5:13-15 (Joshua's encounter with the Angel of he Lord at Jericho), Acts 16:6-10 (where the Spirit tells Paul NOT to preach the gospel in Asia) and Acts 19:8-10 (the effect of Paul's Ephesian school of ministry on Asia - EVERYONE heard!). Talked about the need to be led by the Spirit in all ministry and missions. To let the Lord of the harvest be, well, *in charge* of the harvest. To be led (and enjoy the adventure of an effective life in Jesus) we must 1) have a close relationship with Him (so we can hear what he's saying), 2) be flexible (so we can adjust to His plans), 3) have a willing heart (so we'll obey when His plan doesn't make sense/seems dangerous/etc).

We got up at 5 am, and hit the road about 6 am. The sun is shining!

-- Post From The Road

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  1. Hey cheerful travelers.... hope all is well with your souls! Absolutely pouring down rain and windy here. We laughed over the bird clock. It's amazing what you can get used to. Tell Annie and Mollyjane we love them! We are praying that the Lord will reveal His heart to each one of you on this trip according to His purpose. Kacy says hello! She has quite the runny nose today as does Papa. He even had to stay home from church so you know he is feeling poorly. Love you girlies!!! mama