Saturday, March 21, 2009

Friday pics

Aaron modeling a sombrero during our trip to the artisan market.

Visiting las playas (the beaches) of Tijuana - beautiful!
Incidently, many people have expressed concern for our safety in Tijuana. Thanks for your prayers. I can honestly say we didn't see anything remotely dangerous and we visited different parts of the city every day. A mall, park, a street market, several taco stands, the beaches, the very poor east side, southwestern area where the women's shelter was. We were careful about the way we traveled, and the staff knew where to go/not go, but honestly I heard more gunfire in Olney before we left, than in all our time in Tijuana (a city of 2 million people).

Much like what we hear before traveling to Israel, the media majors in sensationalism. The ministry leaders we spoke with told us that many, many church groups are canceling their mission trips to Mexico, which is tragic considering how many people are normally helped by U.S. christians each year. Many needy people in Mexico may miss out on experiencing the practical love of Christ right now, because of our concerns for our own safety (which Jesus never promised or encouraged us to seek - quite the contrary), and unwillingness to be like Paul who in the face of real danger (not merely the reports of a sensationalistic media) said he didn't consider his life as dear to himself, that he might finish the ministry Jesus set before him (Acts 20:24). I'm proud of our church for continuing to minister in Mexico in Jesus name, even in the face of danger (however minimal it turned out to be). It is pleasing to Christ to consider others as more important than ourselves, and lay down oir lives, even as He did. (Philippians 2:3-5). End of sermon :-)

The last supper. Kind of. Good people, friends old and new.

Ryan Soresen and his wife Stephanie (they're 5 months pregnant with baby Elana :), talk with Megan, who came from nothern Los Angeles. Megan is getting her Master's in Public Health, as an entry strategy to go to a country that might not otherwise grant entry to a missionary.

Cassie, Annie and Molly laugh with Seth, a student from Arkansas, at our last meal together. The Arkansans were a really neat group - serious about serving the Lord and lots of fun.

Weird. Gringos. Yeah - we're eating Chinese food in Mexico!

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