Friday, March 20, 2009

House Building

Today we had a teaching on God's heart for the nations, begining in Genesis and following through to the Lord's commision in the gospels. He challenged us to consider how we should be involved with His heart for the lost. Good stuff.

Then we headed out to build a small house for a family. They'd come from a drug background, had only been Christians for a year, and had three kids with another due in days. Their current home was a low-lying structure with a dirt floor, that flooded when it rained. It was a blessing to be a part of blessing them. Lots of pics below.

Getting ready to pray on the bare site before building.

Cassie, Annie, Molly and Kari (part of the group from Arkansas) attach the screws for the windows.

We were encouraged to spend time playing with kids and not just focus on the task. (The priority of people over projects.) So we did. This is a picture of our soccer game. Gringos vs Mexicans. Three guesses who won. :)

Setting up the walls. (Good thing I added that helpful caption, huh? :)

Cassie showing Frank and Jack that she CAN operate a hammer and nails. Got a job for her, guys?

Mother-Son power. Aaron and Tish team up to show the 2x4 how fierce they are.

Tyler (center) and the crew attaching the roof frame.

Here's an idea of the size and simplicity of the house. In the states, it likely would barely satisfy as a tool shed. But the woman said it was something they never would've been able to afford. Perspective: total material costs were probably ~$700.

Cassie had a little "incident" with the paint, which Tyler is helpfully pointing out. Cassie had a great attitude, even though her shoes may not recover.

Molly, playing with one of the kids who'll be living in the new house.

Tyler is running a paint crew, and, judging from their ages, apparently breaking all kinds of child-labor laws. While Jeff Hale Painting performed well, you might want to keep an idea on Tyler's crew members, Jeff.

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  1. Wow how much we take for granted, I would love to see the finished house to see how they all fit. The Lord has blessed me way to much I think.