Sunday, March 14, 2010


Sunday morning we started slow. Due to the time change, they delayed church for an hour to give folks time to arrive. When the service started, I think we'd all say we really enjoyed the great worship time with the Calvary Chapel Las Palmas worship team. Some of the songs were ones we knew, but in spanish - and it was so much fun to praise the Lord with brothers and sisters in multiple languages!

In the afternoon, we started some projects - sound ministry, some repair/construction, and a number of us headed out to do a children's outreach in a local park. We did some face painting, several members of our team dressed up as clowns, and played games, sang songs, and had a lesson with the children there. Definitely a good time. Here are some pictures, and a little video at the bottom of a song at the outreach. Watch for Kevin Magee's sweet outfit.

Baja Or Bust!

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