Saturday, March 13, 2010


Been having some laptop issues, so here come a bunch of posts to make up for lost time.

First off, when last we left our team, they had landed in San Diego and were enjoying the first sun the Oregonians had seen in months at Spanish Landing (a beautiful park along the marina, across the street from the airport). After a successful rondezvous with the van crew, they headed east toward Tecate, making two all-important stops: acquiring coffee supplies for Mexico, and In-N-Out Burger! (Photo evidence has been withheld to protect the innocent.)

From there, we journeyed on through the desert toward Tecate. Our trip involved three wrong turns, and a little adventure that earned one of our team members the first nickname of the trip. Sandi "Border Patrol" Bennett is fun to travel with.

We made it to Las Palmas late Saturday, had a short orientation with Hassan and Stacy and the staff, had a devotion on trusting the Lord to be in charge of our trip and remaining flexible to how the Spirit leads, and took our first (of many) quick trip to the local tienda (store) where they sell delicious helados (ice cream)! Then we hit the hay.

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