Monday, March 15, 2010


We split up into a few groups today. Several of the guys formed a crew to start some projects around the church. They began reworking and repairing the sound system, and some construction/remodel work. Here are some pictures:

Lucas Caruana on paint crew. He's been a good worker down here.

Robert Stineman reworking the sound system

Jeff Hale Painting in operation in Mexico, once again violating child labor laws. (Nice work Caleb.)

Mike Smith keeping an eye on Robert. God blessed us with an electrician (Mike) who's skills came in quite handy on this project.

Tom Lewis, prepping a dividing wall between the two toilets in the men's room. A welcome addition, to say the least! :)

Chris Stineman and I, in the bodega (warehouse) of the building supply store in Tecate.

Several others of us headed out to pick up supplies in Tecate, and on the way helped a guy get to a rehab center. Never know what you'll wind up doing when you're down here. Video from that adventure below.

Most of the ladies made food baskets to share with families from the community. Then they went out to clean some homes where help was needed. Keep in mind, this is in a thrid world country - so the condition of homes that need help, is an entirely different level of unsanitary. This was a labor of love. The conditions in the home they went to was really quite difficult to be in. I'll leave the details for them to share, but let me just say that they showed the love of Jesus in a beautiful, sacrificial, practical way. They followed the One who had stepped into our dirty lives, and chose to touch and clean up our filthiness though it was costly to Him. I was very proud of them. Many people would've refused to serve in that way.

Here's a little video blog tour of CC Las Palmas.

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